Why Is Spousal Support Important to Divorcing Earthlings?

Welcome to Space Coast Community Law School’s Contributor Forum. Today’s post comes from one of our students, a Space Exchange Student from planet Coopli, who interviewed a family law attorney in Milwaukee as part of her family law class. The project centered on the issue of spousal support. Read the student’s research findings below.

Why Is Spousal Support Important to Divorcing Earthlings?

My name is Wee Wonkle, and I chose this topic in particular because it’s of great interest to me. On my planet, Coopli, divorce is punishable by death, so we don’t have such a thing as “spousal support.” However, many Coopliites would love to get divorced (my own parents really should), and the citizens have been fighting for divorce rights for many centuries.

Spousal support is the idea that one spouse should pay the other one, either temporarily or permanently, because it’s a fair way to ensure income equality after divorce. I believe that spousal support is fair, because many spouses give up their own dreams, careers, and lives in order to better serve the family unit.

If one of the spouses hasn’t worked for a long time, it would be unfair for them to lose out on financial security simply because they chose to sacrifice their earning potential for their family. If divorce is ever implemented on my home planet, I believe the Coopliites would benefit from spousal support payments.

I think spousal support is important to Earthlings because it ensures income equality following the divorce process. According to the family lawyer I interviewed for my project, spousal support can be temporary or permanent.

Many different factors go into deciding how much spousal support is owed and for how long. I believe that these factors should be carefully examined and spousal support ordered accordingly. From my research, it seems that spousal support laws on Earth, particularly in the United States, are fair and just.

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