Sex Abuse Laws on Earth

Unfortunately, sex crimes happen on every planet in the universe. If you are a member of our Space Exchange Program, you will need to study sex crimes while you’re attending Space Coast Community Law School.

One of our students interviewed a sex abuse attorney in Chicago as an assignment regarding the types of sex crimes that are common in America. The following post details some of the student’s research on the topic.

What Are Sex Crimes in America?

There are many different types of sex crimes.

Rape is when a person forces another person to engage in sexual acts without the person’s consent.

Prostitution is a sex crime in which people engage in sexual activity for money. Both the prostitute, the person who is paid for sex, and the solicitor, the person who is paying for sex, can be prosecuted for prostitution crimes.

Another sex crime is molestation of children. This is when a person engages in sexual acts with any person under the age of eighteen. The crime is more serious if the child is under fifteen.

Another sex crime is known as sexual assault. Sexual assault is a broader term to describe sexual behavior that one person has not consented to. For instance, a person touching another person’s private parts without their consent would be a type of sexual assault.

Finally, sexual harassment encompasses a variety of sexual behaviors in which one person is being bothered in a sexual manner.

Consequences of Sexual Abuse

Many different people can be sexually abused and this type of abuse occurs in almost every setting and situation imaginable. These sexual abuse victims deserve justice for what they’ve been through.

Offenders of sexual abuse can be prosecuted for the deviant sexual behaviors they’ve engaged in. The penalties vary from state to state but can include jail or prison time, probation, embarrassment, and the requirement to register as a sex-offender. In addition, many sex offenders aren’t allowed to work certain types of jobs or live in certain neighborhoods.

Space Coast Community Law School Is Dedicated to Spreading Legal Knowledge

Space Coast Community Law School is grateful for our exchange students, and we appreciate our students sharing their research and projects with others. We hope that this information on the sex abuse laws on Earth can help you and the people in your own communities when you return to your home planets.