Earthlings Can Be Injured in a Lot of Different Ways

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Today, we are talking about all the different ways Earthlings can be injured. One of our students, who came to us from the planet Tele, was learning about accidents and their effects. This student was volunteering for a personal injury lawyer in Indianapolis, and they are excited to have us share with you all the different things they learned.

Events that Cause Humans to Be Injured

Our student was fascinated with all the different ways that an earthling can be killed or harmed. These were some of the events our student examined: vehicle collisions, falling accidents, violence, tripping, medical injuries, struck by falling objects, crushing accidents, and burn injuries.

Our student learned that accidents can cause a variety of injuries that range from minor to serious, such as cuts, broken bones, brain trauma, organ damage, limb loss, and severe burns.

Advice from a Telemite

The Earthling’s body is unique and special, but it’s very different from the bodies of species that live on other types of planets. For example, our student from planet Tele has a very strong armored shell that protects their internal organs and keeps them from being injured. It’s very rare for the residents on Tele to be injured accidentally. 

Our student was surprised to learn just how fragile the human body is. They also had some suggestions for us Earthlings:

  • Live life in a protective bubble
  • Forge armor and wear it when you leave the house
  • Make all sharp objects illegal
  • Never climb anything
  • Second thought: Don’t even leave the house
  • Ban all electronic mobility devices
  • Drink food rather than risk choking


This student had many more suggestions, but you get the idea.

What the Student Learned

While working alongside the injury lawyer, our student learned that injuries could happen under a variety of circumstances. A human being can’t always prevent accidents, even when they take safety measures. The student is adamant that we begin implementing better safety procedures, such as the armor suggestion.

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