Divorce Laws in Pennsylvania

Thank you for visiting Space Coast Community Law School’s website. Today’s post is about the divorce laws in Pennsylvania. We decided to focus on Pennsylvania law after one of our Space Exchange Students from the planet of OooCaa said that they were still confused about divorce and divorce laws, even after they interviewed a family attorney in Pittsburgh for their school project. 

Apparently, he was listening carefully to the lawyer with all five of his ears, and he was using both of his brains at the time, but he still doesn’t quite grasp the laws. It seems the lawyer did everything they could to explain to our young student how the divorce laws in Pennsylvania work, but despite their efforts, the information was still alien to him. Understandably. 

That’s why we have done our best to explain Pennsylvania’s divorce laws in the clearest language possible. Hopefully, students can use a translator to get the information in their native alien languages. Or, perhaps the concept of divorce is simply too alien for some of our students to comprehend. We will still do our best to deliver this information to you.

Pennsylvania Divorce Laws

These are the laws in Pennsylvania related to divorce. Divorce is the dissolution of a legal marriage between two earthlings. 

Grounds for Divorce

An earthling can get divorced on different “grounds” or for different reasons. The main reasons for divorce in Pennsylvania are fault, institutionalization, mutual consent, or irretrievable breakdown.

A “fault” divorce can be granted if one of the spouses can prove that the other spouse did any of the following: 

  • cheated
  • mistreated them
  • deserted them
  • caused them to live in intolerable conditions
  • has been in prison for at least two years
  • was already married at the time that they entered the current marriage  

Mutual consent is when the earthling couple agrees to end the marriage. They will have to allow ninety days to pass before their divorce can be processed.

An earthling can also receive a divorce on the grounds of institutionalization if their spouse has been living in a mental institution for at least eighteen months.

Finally, an earthling can be granted a divorce on the grounds of irretrievable breakdown if the couple has been living apart for at least one year.

Residency Requirements for Divorce

One of the spouses must have resided in Pennsylvania for at least six months prior to beginning divorce proceedings.

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