An injury can drastically change how you live. Whether it’s how you move around or how you act, any injury can impact your life in serious ways. Unfortunately, you might have already suffered a serious brain injury, and now you’re concerned about the effects. Can a brain injury change a person’s personality?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Head trauma is a serious condition that can affect how your brain operates on many levels. It can change how you function, and that can be difficult to cope with. A personal injury lawyer can help with the legal aspects of your injury, but you’ll also need to know how you’re affected by the accident.

How a Brain Injury Can Change You

The brain is the control center of your body, where all signals and information are transmitted. So, when an accident damages your brain, it can affect any of those signals. For example, after an accident, some people are unable to communicate properly. They’ll forget words or be unable to say them, which can be traumatic.

Unfortunately, that can also affect your personality. People suffering from brain injuries might find their thought processes altered, or they might find themselves experiencing long-term symptoms that affect how they act. Many people experience irritation and aggression because of their head injury.

As such, the people around you might notice some major changes in your mood and personality. The effects can be serious and, if left untreated or without therapy, it can affect your personal and professional lives.

Compensation for Your Injury

When you’ve suffered head trauma so severe that it’s influenced your personality, you’ll need to seek out compensation for your suffering. If another person caused those injuries, seek out an NYC injury attorney to help you fight back for the full compensation you need.

Remember that you’ll need both economic and “noneconomic damages.” The first type will cover the financial losses you’ve suffered, which can be expensive. For a brain injury, you’ll likely need medical care and rehabilitation for the changes in your brain functions.

When you’ve experienced an entire change in personality, however, you should also receive noneconomic damages for your suffering. These damages are intangible and more difficult to calculate, so you’ll need legal resources to find their worth. If you’re struggling with this, a lawyer can help you find how much the changes in your personality are worth.

If you’ve suffered from any of the following damages, be sure to include them when you take action against the person who caused your injury:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering

Let a Lawyer Help

It’s unfortunate, but brain injuries affect more than your health. They can affect many of your basic functions and cause dysfunction. Worse, it can affect your personality, which will affect the rest of your life.

Don’t let a brain injury damage the rest of your life. Instead, act when someone injures you and get the compensation you need to recover. That may take time and therapy, but you may be able to improve your situation and return to your former health.

To do that, however, get the legal guidance you need by speaking to an injury attorney. They’ll have the resources you need to build a brain injury claim that gets you compensated.

Every job has its perks and issues. We all need that income, but sometimes, it can be a little complex, stressful, or even dangerous for its workers. Unfortunately, construction workers face this issue most often.

Construction is a deadly occupation. You’re dealing with dangerous equipment and situations on a daily basis, so for many, it’s only a matter of time before a major accident happens. That can leave you with high expenses and no income to handle them.

That means you’ll need to seek out workers comp benefits, or you’ll need to seek lawsuits for construction-related injuries. Be sure that you’re getting the full compensation you deserve after a construction accident.

Deadly Falls

Whether you’re building a skyscraper or repairing a bridge, many construction workers spend a part of their day at a dangerous height. While OSHA standards have made it safer than ever to work in these conditions, there might not be anything to halt your fall. That means you’re in danger of serious injuries and even death.

Falling from a height can be deadly, of course, but it can also leave you disabled, affecting your quality of life. For example, a spinal injury can sever your spinal cord, leaving you paralyzed below the injury. This means a complete change to your lifestyle. You might not be able to take care of yourself after that, let alone work.

Losing your mobility can have a major effect on your mental state as well. It’s tough to suffer through such a major change. Sadly, a fall can leave you with these major injuries at any time.

Dangerous Machinery

It’s not just heights that can injured you—it’s also the tools you use regularly. When heavy machinery is involved, there’s a chance that something could malfunction or otherwise injure you.

For example, you might be operating a forklift when it turned over, injuring you in the process. Any type of vehicle crash can cause head trauma, broken bones, burns, and other severe injuries. Unfortunately, an accident can happen to even the most careful driver.

Stationary machines can be just as dangerous. Equipment used for cutting materials can leave severe lacerations. After that, your injury might require an amputation, which can affect your life just as seriously. The pain, both physical and mental, is difficult to recover from.

What Happens After an Accident?

Unfortunately, many construction workers have lost their lives to accidents on the job. These accidents can leave you struggling to overcome your injuries, or they might have left you grieving after the loss of a loved one.

That means you’ll need to fight back for compensation. In some cases, you might be able to rely on your workers compensation, but many workers will need to act and file a claim for their compensation. In either case, you need a lawyer.

Seek one out today for help with your claim. You’ve suffered a severe injury, and you’ll need compensation for your injury. Reach out and get the help you need for a full recovery.