Space Coast Community Law School

If you’ve stumbled upon Space Coast Community Law School’s website, you must have received our intergalactic admissions package.

First, some housekeeping: Attending Space Coast is a privilege, and not a right. You must agree to keep our Space Exchange Program secret. Failure to maintain secrecy will mean immediate denial of your application for admission. In addition, if you are already attending law school here at Space Coast as part of our Space Exchange Program, expulsion from the school, and from the exchange program, will likely result. It will also likely result in your immediate removal from planet Earth.

Why Studying the Law on Earth Can Benefit Your Space Community?

Laws can be complex and difficult to understand no matter where you live in the universe, but the more you learn about what brings legislation about, the more your understanding can grow.

You may be interested in the Space Exchange Program because you’re looking at adopting some of the laws that exist here in the United States and on Earth. You can learn about them and present them to your own communities. Laws affect everyone, no matter which intergalactic community you live in, so it’s important to study them, talk about the merits of each law, and implement the ones that work best.

When you don’t agree with a law that exists on your own planet, you may be able to learn how to change them. You must open up a discussion and challenge each law’s value.

Why Was the Space Coast Community Law School Created?

Some laws are outdated and need to be taken off the books. At Space Coast Community Law School, we believe the only way to bring about change in any planet’s legal system is through open communication and education. That’s why we opened up our law school to exchange students from around the universe.

We believe that there is much that can be learned from other galaxies’ laws, and bringing those students here can be of great benefit to us. It can also benefit the exchange students’ galaxies as well.

Join the Community, but Remember…Don’t Tell!

You are studying the law, and you want to learn from other communities around the universe. Space Coast Community Law School gives you the opportunity to learn from other space cultures that aren’t identical to yours. Let’s learn about the legal matters that affect our various communities so that all of our galaxies can grow in justice and humanitarian efforts.

Finally, we must remind you to keep the Space Exchange Program a total secret. Although we want you here, and we believe in the benefits of the Program, not all earthlings are as open arms as the rest of us. For your protection, and to ensure the continuation of the Program, mum’s the word.